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Information for Landlords

Vital information for Landlords in order to operate within Perth and Kinross.

Local Housing Allowance

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is a scheme of Housing Benefit which is intended to promote personal responsibility and financial inclusion. In the vast majority of cases the benefit is paid directly to the tenant for them to then make arrangements to pay their rent to the landlord. However, in certain circumstances it can be paid directly to the landlord.

The amount of Local Housing Allowance payable may vary. The maximum amounts of Local Housing Allowance for the 4 different areas of Perth and Kinross is set on a monthly basis.

Proof of Rent

If your tenant is applying for Housing Benefit they will be required to provide proof of rent. Forms of proof which will be accepted by the Council are:

  1. The original lease (not a photocopy) which has been signed by both the tenant and landlord, or
  2. If you do not have a lease, a completed Rent Details form (PDF) [189KB] .

Prevent Overpayments of Housing Benefit

In order to prevent overpayments of Housing Benefit, we ask our tenants to report all changes in household circumstances as failure to do so may result in an overpayment. We also ask that as a landlord if you are aware of any changes in your tenant's household circumstances which you think may alter the amount of Housing Benefit they are receiving you notify us of these changes.

Landlord Appeal Rights

Although a landlord has no right of appeal against the amount of Housing Benefit a tenant is awarded, an appeal can be made against any overpayment that we say we intend to recover from a landlord. Appeals must be made in writing and within one month of the notification date. Find out more about appeals and what to do if you think our decision is wrong.

Reporting Benefit Fraud

Benefit fraud is a crime. If you suspect that benefit fraud is being committed by your tenant or anyone else, please report this to us. Find out more information on benefit fraud and how to report this anonymously.

Benefit Cap

There is a maximum amount of benefit that a household (an individual, their partner, and any children they live with & are responsible for) can be entitled to. This will help ensure individuals are no longer given more money when they are out of work than what they could reasonably expect to earn from working.

The Household Benefit Cap means there is a maximum amount of benefit that a household can receive. For more information you can access the Welfare Rights' Benefit Cap page.

Last modified on 19 February 2017

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