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Your tenancy

Your rights and responsibilities as a Perth & Kinross Council tenant

Your Rights

As a Council tenant you have a Scottish Secure Tenancy.

You are entitled to:

  • a written agreement covering information you have the right to receive
  • a rent card
  • a home that's wind and watertight
  • pass your tenancy on to a qualified successor if you die
  • see information we keep about you
  • challenge unreasonable tenancy conditions
  • compensation for authorised improvements on termination of your tenancy.

You can apply to:

  • take in lodgers
  • sub-let your house
  • exchange your home with another Secure Tenant
  • buy your home (with exceptions for homes within designated Pressured Areas)

Your Responsibilities

As a Secure Tenant you have agreed to:

  • live in the property
  • pay your rent regularly and in advance
  • allow other tenants and residents to enjoy their home
  • keep communal areas, including stairs and bin areas, clean and tidy
  • keep tidy any garden area that goes with the property
  • report repairs as soon as possible
  • ensure the property, and its fixtures and fittings, are not damaged
  • let us know if there are any changes to the people living in your household - if anyone moves in or moves out
  • ask permission to keep pets, run a business, make alterations and so on
  • tell us if you are living away from home
  • leave the property in good condition
  • give 28 days notice when you decide to leave the property.

What to expect when we offer you a home

Your new home will not be furnished, and you will need to arrange carpets and floor coverings. This short video provides some guidance about what to expect when you are offered a Council home: 

After you have moved in

After the tenancy has been created and you move into your new property, we will carry out a check within five working days to ensure you are settling in and to answer any queries about the tenancy. This check is generally carried out over the phone.

We will also carry out a settling in visit within 20 working days. This is normally a visit to the home by a Housing Officer, who will sit down with the tenant and go through any issues they have, for example with with repairs, their rent account, paying their rent etc.

At this point we will also carry out a survey to find out how satisfied the tenant is with the property upon moving in.

Last modified on 23 January 2024

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