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Your tenancy

Your rights and responsibilities as a Perth & Kinross Council tenant

Your Rights

As a Council tenant you have a Scottish Secure Tenancy.

You are entitled to:

  • a written agreement covering information you have the right to receive
  • a rent card
  • a home that's wind and watertight
  • pass your tenancy on to a qualified successor if you die
  • see information we keep about you
  • challenge unreasonable tenancy conditions
  • compensation for authorised improvements on termination of your tenancy.

You can apply to:

  • take in lodgers
  • sub-let your house
  • exchange your home with another Secure Tenant
  • buy your home (with exceptions for homes within designated Pressured Areas)

Your Responsibilities

As a Secure Tenant you have agreed to:

  • live in the property
  • pay your rent regularly and in advance
  • allow other tenants and residents to enjoy their home
  • keep communal areas, including stairs and bin areas, clean and tidy
  • keep tidy any garden area that goes with the property
  • report repairs as soon as possible
  • ensure the property, and its fixtures and fittings, are not damaged
  • let us know if there are any changes to the people living in your household - if anyone moves in or moves out
  • ask permission to keep pets, run a business, make alterations and so on
  • tell us if you are living away from home
  • leave the property in good condition
  • give 28 days notice when you decide to leave the property.