Complaints about food businesses

In addition to routine food inspections, the food team will respond to complaints about the hygiene standards of individual premises or other food facilities such as market stalls and mobile vendors.

The food safety team can investigate complaints about food premises which relate to food hygiene or safety but not about food pricing of poor customer service.

The most common types of food complaints received by this department are

  • People serving ready to eat food after handing raw food with no hand washing between processes
  • Poor hand hygiene
  • Poor levels of cleanliness in food areas
  • Poor food handling practices

If you would like to complain about a food business you may call the customer helpline on 01738 476476 who will pass your complaint to a member of the food safety team.

Contact details

Food, Health and Safety

Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth, PH1 5GD
Tel 01738 476476