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Employment information - Wellbeing

This section will help you to identify the things you can do to boost your own wellbeing including resources to support you with your mental, physical, financial, and emotional wellbeing. Information is provided by topic, including links, signposting to supporting organisations, reading material and podcasts.

Wellbeing support

This section brings together a wide range of recommended internal and external health and wellbeing information, guidance, and support. It contains quick links to the relevant resources that can be accessed online along with access to internal communications

Social wellbeing

Information, advice and support for you if you are concerned about drug use, alcohol or gambling

Financial wellbeing

If you are struggling with your finances, please ask for help. This section signposts to local and national support organisations.

Mental wellbeing

Preventative measures and support to help you if you may be experiencing a mental health problem. This section signposts to local and national support organisations.

Physical wellbeing

Looking after your physical wellbeing is key to supporting your overall wellbeing including your mental health. Information to support you with exercise, healthy eating and sleeping.

Gender related wellbeing

This section includes a range of support for women, men and other gender identities

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