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Executive Sub-Committee of Lifelong Learning Committee - 21 August 2013

A Meeting of the Executive Sub-Committee of the Lifelong Learning Committee will be held in the Committee Room, Fourth Floor, Council Building, 2 High Street, Perth on Wednesday 21 August 2013 at 2.00pm.

If you have any queries please contact Linda Brown on (01738) 475127 or Christina Flynn on (01738) 475450.

Those attending the meeting are requested to ensure that all mobile phones and other communication devices are switched off.


Councillors B Band, G Walker, C Gillies, B Vaughan and W Wilson; Mrs H Bridge


1.    Declarations of Interest

2.    icon Standards and Quality in Schools, Learning Communities and Pre-School Centres/Day Care of Children [2Mb] - Report by Executive Director (Education and Children's Services) (copy herewith 13/402) (Pages 1-90)

        Bridge of Earn Playgroup and Pre-school
        Appendix 1a Education Scotland Inspection Summary (Pages 15-16)
        Appendix 1b Education Scotland Inspection Letter (Pages 17-19)

        Perth College Nursery
        Appendix 2a Education Scotland Inspection Summary (Page 21)
        Appendix 2b Education Scotland Inspection Letter (Pages 23-25)

        Greenloaning Primary School
        Appendix 3a Education Scotland Inspection Summary (Pages 27-28)
        Appendix 3b Education Scotland Inspection Letter (Pages 29-31)
        Appendix 3c Extended Learning and Achievement Visit Report, November 2010 (Pages 33-35)

        Breadalbane Academy and Nursery Class
        Appendix 4a Education Scotland Inspection Summary (Pages 37-38)
        Appendix 4b Education Scotland Inspection Letter (Pages 39-42)
        Appendix 4c Extended Learning and Achievement Visit Report, November 2012 (Pages 43-48)

        Learning Community surrounding Breadalbane Academy 
        Appendix 5a Education Scotland Inspection Report (Pages 49-53)
        Appendix 5b Partnership Self-Evaluation Summary Paper (Pages 55-60)

        Fossoway Primary School and Nursery Class
        Appendix 6a Education Scotland Inspection Summary (Pages 61-62)
        Appendix 6b Education Scotland Inspection Letter (Pages 63-65)
        Appendix 6c Extended Learning and Achievement Visit Report, February 2011 (Pages 67-70)

        The Community School of Auchterarder
        Appendix 7a Education Services Progress Report, June 2013 (Pages 71-74)
        Appendix 7b Education Scotland Inspection Summary (Pages 75-76)
        Appendix 7c Education Scotland Inspection Letter (Pages 77-80)

        Cheeky Monkeys Nursery
        Appendix 8a Education Services Progress Report, June 2013 (Pages 81-83)
        Appendix 8b Education Scotland Inspection Summary (Pages 85-86)
        Appendix 8c Education Scotland Inspection Letter (Pages 87-89)