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Executive Sub-Committee of Lifelong Learning Committee - 13 November 2013

A Meeting of the Executive Sub-Committee of the Lifelong Learning Committee will be held in the Committee Room, Fourth Floor, Council Building, 2 High Street, Perth on Wednesday 13 November 2013 at 2.00pm.


Councillor B Band, G Walker, C Gillies, B Vaughan, W Wilson and Mrs H Bridge.


1.     Welcome and Apologies/Substitutes

2.     Declarations of Interest

3.     icon Care Inspectorate Inspections of Support And Residential Care Services for Children and Young People [4Mb] - Report by Executive Director (Education and Children's Services) (copy herewith 13/537) (Pages 1-138)

        Fostering Services 
        Appendix 1a:  Care Service inspection report (Pages 14-37)
        Appendix 1b:  Action plan (Pages 38-54)

        Adoption Service 
        Appendix 2a:  Care Service inspection report (Pages 55-78)
        Appendix 2b:  Action plan (Pages 79-95)

        Wellbank House
        Appendix 3a:  Care Service inspection report (Pages 96-120)
        Appendix 3b:  Action plan (Pages 121-138)

4.     icon Standards and Quality in Schools, Learning Communities and Pre-School Centres/Day Care of Children [2Mb] - Report by Executive Director (Education and Children's Services) (copy herewith 13/538) (Pages 139-196)

        Blairingone Primary School
        Appendix 1a Education Scotland Inspection Summary (Page 151)
        Appendix 1b Education Scotland Inspection Letter (Pages 152-154)
        Appendix 1c Extended Learning and Achievement Visit Report, March 2011 (Pages 155-158)

       Oakbank Primary School
       Appendix 2a Education Scotland Inspection Summary (Pages 159-160)
       Appendix 2b Education Scotland Inspection Letter (Pages 161-164)
       Appendix 2c Extended Learning and Achievement Visit Report, September 2010 (Pages 165-168)

       Crossroads Nursery
       Appendix 3 Care Inspectorate Inspection Report on the Day Care of Children (Pages 169-196)

5.    Curriculum and Self Evaluation - Joint presentation by Peter McAvoy, Head of Education - Secondary and Inclusion and Sheena Devlin, Head of Education - Early Years and Primary