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Special Meeting of the Lifelong Learning Committee - 25 June 2014

A Special Meeting of the Lifelong Learning Committee will be held in the Council Chambers, Fourth Floor, Council Building, 2 High Street, Perth on Wednesday 25 June 2014 at 9.30am.

If you have any queries please contact Linda Brown on (01738) 475127 or Christina Flynn on (01738) 475450.

Those attending the meeting are requested to ensure that all mobile phones and other communication devices are switched off.


Councillors B Band (Convener), G Walker (Vice Convener), C Gillies, K Howie, G Laing, E Maclachlan, A Munro, D Pover, C Shiers, L Simpson, A Stewart, B Vaughan and W Wilson; Mrs H Bridge, Mrs P Duncan, Mrs P Giles, Mr I Jackson, Mrs A McAuley and Mrs M McFarlane


1.     Welcome and Apologies/Substitutes

2.     Declarations of Interest

3.     icon Statutory Consultation - Establishment of a New Secondary School in Perth [4Mb] - Report by Executive Director (Education and Children's Services) (copy herewith 14/298) (Pages 1-50)