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Short Term Lets

The Scottish Government introduced a new mandatory licensing scheme for Short-term Lets (STL) in Scotland which opened for applications for new hosts on 1 October 2022. The Scottish Government has since announced that it has extended the deadline by which existing short-term let hosts must apply for a short-term let licence by 6 months to 1 October 2023.

If you are an existing host or operator (operating before 1 October 2022) you can continue to accept bookings and receive guests while your application is being determined and have until 1 October 2023 to apply for a licence. It is a criminal offence to operate a short-term let without a licence, and you could be fined up to £2,500. 

There are four types of licence for short-term let accommodation:

  • Secondary letting - The letting of property where you do not normally live, for example a second home that is let to guests
  • Home letting - Using all or part of your own home for short-term lets, whilst you are absent.   An example of this could be whilst you are on holiday
  • Home sharing - Using all or part of your own home for short-term lets, whilst you are there
  • Home letting and home sharing - Operating short-term lets from your own home while you are living there and for periods when you are absent

Please visit the Short-term lets ( site for more information and to check if you need a licence.

Before you begin your application

Before you begin your application, read through the following documents:


Applying for a licence

Please ensure that you select the correct licence type for your Short-Term Let premises as you cannot legally operate your Short-Term Let using an incorrect licence type.

Property address

Please Note: It is important that the property address that you seek a Licence for is exactly the same address that appears on all of the appropriate supporting documents and certificates.

Please ensure to read the pre-application checklist prior to making an application for a short term let licence as failure to provide the correct and up to date documentation for your short term let premise at the time of application will result in your application taking considerably longer to process. Your application will not be validated until all necessary documentation has been submitted. Examples of incorrect information being received at the time of application:

  • Out of date safety documentation
  • Safety documentation being submitted showing the address of the applicant instead of the actual short term let premise
  • Incorrect licence type being applied for
  • Omitting full name, dates, and place of birth (putting UK for place of birth will not be accepted)
  • Misspelling or putting incorrect address of short term let premise.

Apply for a Short term lets licence

Policy Statement

View our Policy Statement (PDF) [246KB]  in relation to short-term let licensing.

Short Term Lets - Public Register

The  register of applications shows a summary of current licences and applications.  

Licensed Short Term Lets Complaints

Please note this only relates to complaints where a Short Term Let is licensed.  Unlicensed Short Term Let complaints should be directed to Police Scotland.

From guests

In the first instance, the council would expect any concerns from guests to be raised with the host or operator and where this cannot be resolved they should contact the council by emailing  The email should state the licensed Short Term Let address and the concerns around the operation of the licence.

From neighbours

In the first instance, the council would expect concerns from neighbours to be raised with the host or operator and where this cannot be resolved they should contact the Licensing Department by emailing .  The email should state the licensed Short Term Let address and the concerns around the operation of the licence.

Representation and Objection Process

Representations and objections to a current application must be received in writing within 28 days of a Public Notice of Information being displayed by the applicant outside a property.   Email objections can be sent to  stating the reason for objection or alternatively mailed to Perth and Kinross Council, Legal Services, Licensing Department, Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth, PH1 5GD.

All representations or objections must:

  • Be made in writing;
  • Specify the ground(s) of the objection or nature of the representation;
  • Specify the name and address of the person making it; and
  • Be signed by the objector, or on their behalf (for emails the inclusion of your name and address will count as a signature).

Objections or representations should be received by the Council within 28 days of the Public Notice of Information being posted at the premises. The final date for receipt of objections/representations will be displayed on the notice.

The Council must send a copy of any objection or representation to the applicant.  The application and objections or representations will be considered before the Licensing Committee who will determine the application.

The Licensing Committee has discretion to consider late objections and representations if satisfied that there is sufficient reason why the objection or representation was not received in time. If this applies you will need to explain in your objection or representation, why it is late.  A copy of your objection or representation will not be considered unless the Licensing Committee make a decision that it will consider it.

If you have made an objection or representation to an application, this means that the application will need to be referred to the Licensing Committee. You will be given notice of the relevant committee meeting so that you can decide whether to attend the meeting to address the committee regarding your objection or representation and to answer any questions from the committee members regarding it or to rely on your written objection/representation. 

Privacy Notice

View the privacy notice (PDF) [183KB] for short-term lets.

Last modified on 24 March 2023

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