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Council Meeting - 25 June 2014

A Meeting of Perth and Kinross Council will be held in the Council Chambers, Fourth Floor, Council Building, 2 High Street, Perth on Wednesday 25 June 2014 at 2.00pm.


Provost E Grant and All Councillors


1.        Welcome and Apologies

2.        Declarations of Interest

3.        Minute of meeting of 7 May 2014 for approval and signature

4.        Minutes of meetings of Committees from 29 April 2014 - 11 June 2014 (copy issued under separate cover)

5.        Perth and Kinross Community Planning Partnership Board

           (i)    icon Minute of Meeting of Community Planning Partnership Board of 29 November 2013 for noting [3Mb]

           (ii)   icon Community Planning Update June 2014 [479Kb] - Briefing Note by Executive Lead Officer (copy herewith 14/299) (Pages 21-22)

6.        icon Annual Treasury Report 2013/14 [3Mb] - Report by Head of Finance (copy herewith 14/300) (Pages 23-42)

7.        icon Perth City Hall [806Kb] - Report by Executive Director (Environment) (copy herewith 14/301) (Pages 43-52)

8.        icon Update on Preparations for 2014 Ryder Cup and Other 2014 Celebrations [5Mb] - Report by Chief Executive (copy herewith 14/302) (Pages 53-120)

9.        icon Perth Transport Futures Project - Phase 1 A9/A85 to Bertha Park Compulsory Purchase Order [2Mb] - Report by Executive Director (Environment) (copy herewith 14/303) (Pages 121-134)

10.      icon Proposed Timetable of Meetings 2015 and Indicative Timetables 2016-2017 [167Kb] - Report by Head of Democratic Services (copy herewith 14/304) (Pages 135

11.      Planning Policy and Practice Member / Officer Working Group

           At the meeting of the Enterprise and Infrastructure Committee on Wednesday 4 June 2014, the remit of the new Planning Policy and Practice Member/Officer Working Group was approved (report 14/236 refers).

           It was agreed that membership would include the Convener or Vice-Convener of the Enterprise and Infrastructure Committee, Convener or Vice-Convener of the Development Management Committee, the Convener of the Local Review Body, 2 members from each of the Enterprise and Infrastructure and Development Management Committees, and relevant officers as necessary.

           The Council is asked to appoint members to the Member/Officer Working Group.

12.     Changes to Membership

           (i)     Community Safety and Environment Outcome Delivery Group of the Community Planning Partnership

                    The Council is asked to appoint Councillor H Stewart to the Outcome Delivery Group to replace Councillor M Lyle.

           (ii)     Perth Festival of the Arts

                    The Council is asked to appoint a replacement for Councillor J Coburn on Perth Festival of the Arts.

13.     Amendment to Scheme of Administration

           The Council is asked to agree the following change to the Scheme of Administration:

           Part 3 - Delegation to Officials

           25. Proper Officers and Statutory Appointees

           Following paragraph 25.1.18 - new paragraph to read as follows:

           '19. Local Government (Contracts) (Scotland) Act 1997, section 3 (certification of contracts)

           (a)   Head of Legal Services
           (b)   Legal Managers'

           The Local Government (Contracts) (Scotland) Act 1997 gives contracting parties assurance that a Council has the power to enter into a contract where an authorised Proper Officer certifies that to be the case.  It is appropriate that this is done by the Head of Legal Services or other senior legal officer of the Council."