Local Development Plan 2 - Supplementary Guidance

Supplementary Guidance expands upon existing policies and proposals and is used to support the content of the Local Development Plan. It is particularly important when extensive detail is required for a specific policy area or strategic development site.

The list of Supplementary Guidance noted below is associated with the policies of the Proposed Local Development Plan which is currently subject to Examination. Further information on this is available at the Council's Examination webpage. Further consultation on the remaining Supplementary Guidance documents will take place at a later date.


Consultation is currently open for the following Supplementary Guidance and your views on these documents are welcomed:

The consultation is open from Thursday 31 January 2019 until Thursday 14 March 2019. Comments should be made through the online questionnaire accessed from PKC Consultations. Comments will also be accepted in writing or by email to DevelopmentPlan@pkc.gov.uk, please tell us which document you wish to change or support and explain what changes you would like made together with any reasons.

If you have any queries about the Supplementary Guidance and associated consultation, please contact a member of the team using the contact details below. Please note the icon Consultation Privacy Statement [53Kb] sets out how any comments to this consultation will be handled.

Statutory and non-statutory Supplementary Guidance

In order for the Supplementary Guidance to form Statutory Guidance, it must be subject to consultation and formal adoption procedures which allows it to form part of the Local Development Plan. This consultation is part of that process, and a summary of the comments received will be reported to the Council for their consideration before finalising the guidance and submitting it to Scottish Ministers for approval.

Non-statutory Supplementary Guidance is Guidance which has been agreed by the Council but not approved by Scottish Ministers. This does not have as much 'weight' in the decision making process as statutory Supplementary Guidance but is still taken in to consideration as part of any relevant application.