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Assistance for people with no recourse to public funds

People with no recourse to public funds (NRPF) are "subject to immigration control" and have have no entitlement to most mainstream welfare benefits. The legislation covering immigration control is very complex and changeable and anyone with NRPF should seek specialist advice.

  • PKAVS Minority Communities Hub is a local Third Sector agency which provides tailored support and advice to minority populations across Perth & Kinross.

Generally, people with NRPF cannot access the benefits system, however, there are some limited exceptions:

Financial Insecurity Fund

People with NRPF can also apply to the Council's Financial Insecurity Fund as this is not a "Public Fund" so long as they meet the additional eligibility criteria.

Best Start Foods

You may be able to get Best Start Foods for your child even if you cannot get certain benefits because of your immigration status.  This is also called having no access to public funds.

You can get Best Start Foods if you meet all of these conditions:

  • you're responsible for at least one child under 3 who's a British citizen (not including pregnancies)
  • your family income is £726 or less a month after tax
  • you're not able to claim public funds due to your immigration status
Last modified on 15 May 2023

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