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Welfare Trust

Welfare Trust charitable payments are administered by the Welfare Rights Team.

If you are in a crisis situation and need funds for day to day living expenses for essential items such as food, heating costs, nappies, toiletries and travel costs do not apply to the Welfare Trust.  Apply for a Crisis Grant instead.

Before making an application to the Welfare Trust, applicants should consider whether their need(s) can be met via a Community Care Grant. Needs that can be met via a Community Care Grant will not be met via the Welfare Trust.

To be considered for a Welfare Trust payment the applicant / family must:

  • Reside in the Perth & Kinross area
  • Have no savings/capital that can be used to cover the cost of the need
  • Have a low income or be experiencing financial hardship
  • Be vulnerable due to age, ill-health, disability or other disadvantage

The Welfare Trust can only normally meet a one-off need and no more than two awards can be made in a rolling 12 month period.

Welfare Trust payments cannot replicate / duplicate assistance that is provided elsewhere e.g. through statutory or other provision.

How do I apply?

Apply online

You will receive automatic notification that we have received your application. You will also receive your decision via email.

We aim to make a decision within 15 working days, however crisis payments can be awarded within 1 working day.

If we make an award it may be paid in-kind, cash or via electronic bank transfer.

The Welfare Trust is a combination of small charitable funds that we administer on behalf of Trustees, as such there are no review rights attached as it is a charity not a Government scheme.

Last modified on 27 September 2022

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