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Advice for Veterans

Advice for people leaving the Armed Forces in Perth and Kinross

Moving from military to civilian life or re-locating from one area to another can be challenging for veterans or serving troops and their families. The information provided here is aimed at providing practical advice, guidance and support. 

Veterans First guide

Our Veterans First guide contains some useful information about living in Perth and Kinross and support and facilities available in the area including housing, health and care, education, employment, welfare advice, leisure and recreation as well as links to armed forces and veterans advice and support organisations.

Additional information and contacts

Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Clubs

There is an Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club in the local area which meets at Frankie and Benny's on the first Saturday of each month.  Clubs are open to anyone who has served or is currently serving in any of the Armed Forces.  View the Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Clubs website. 

Fares 4 free

This is a charity that asks Taxi Drivers and companies to give free fares to help veterans and their families access essential services and combat Social Isolation.  Contact them to find out who can provide this service in Perth and Kinross. View the Fares 4 Free website.

Live life partnership

Partners and children of veterans are often left to support veterans who experience poor mental health on their own with little support. The impact on carers and children who live with someone who experiences mental ill health are well documented. This projects aim  is to reduce the impact of the veterans' mental illness on their families, provide support to all members of the family, allowing them space as individuals to explore the things which are impacting on them and also, work together as a family to address these where appropriate.  For further information, view the Live life partnership website, Live life partnership - Facebook page or Live life partnership - Instagram page.

Forces Compare

Forces Compare is founded and ran by veterans. We help those who serve, or have served, to find the best insurance and finance options through our panel of specialist lenders. 

We are dedicated to helping those in the armed forces community save money on finance and insurance, I'm a Veteran (ex-para) myself and founded Forces Compare, those serving are currently prone to being overcharged, and we want to make the community aware of this.

We also proudly display the Armed Forces Covenant, showing our commitment to those who serve and have served in the armed forces, and their families.

About the Armed Forces Covenant

Armed Forces Covenant - In December 2012, the Community Covenant Partnership was first signed by the Provost of Perth and Kinross to support those living in the local area who are either serving or who have served in the Armed Forces. This commitment was reaffirmed in September 2017 by Provost Melloy with the signing of the Armed Forces Covenant in the Council Headquarters in Perth.  Find out more about what the covenant means in the video below:

             Silver Award in the Armed Forces Employer Recognition Scheme

For further information contact Armed Forces and Veterans Champion Councillor Chris Ahern.